Improve Soil Health While Boosting Yield

The latest innovation in Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer, SymTRX™ provides immediate and long-term benefits to feed crops today and improve soil health for tomorrow.

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High Performance Efficiency Made Easy

SymTRX evenly delivers efficient nutrition without requiring new practices or specialized equipment. Its homogenous granules can be used alone, or blended to enhance the performance of other fertilizers. This simple ease of use and increased efficiency translates into lower nutrient loss and higher yields.

Anuvia™ Plant Nutrients’ innovative Organic MaTRX™ is the foundation of SymTRX nutrition. This bio-based, slow-release nutrient system works in perfect symmetry with the land by mimicking the natural traits of organic matter in soil. The result is healthier soils, healthier crops and a healthier bottom line.

Want 3 to 5 times ROI?

Learn how you can enjoy bigger yields, increased profits, and healthier soil with SymTRX.

The Future of Fertilizer

Beyond its distinctly different appearance, SymTRX is a distinctly different fertilizer, delivering higher yields and improved soil health for your crops. Your crops and your bottom line will see the benefits, all while supporting a healthier future for people and the planet.

Improved Nutrient Availability

SymTRX is a slow-release product that works over time. 65% of N is released in the first two weeks in the ammonium N form which is the most efficient form for plants to use. The balance of nitrogen becomes available as the Organic MaTRX is slowly broken down in the soil, delivering nutrients continuously for six to eight weeks.

Sometimes called “the 4th major nutrient,” sulfur is essential in crop production and has become more important as a limiting nutrient in crop production. The sulfur delivered by SymTRX, particularly in balance with N, makes it an important ingredient in any mix where sulfur is desired. Crops having high N needs will usually also have high sulfur needs. SymTRX delivers both in highly available forms.

16% Organic Matter

SymTRX returns up to 16% organic matter to the soil, which feeds the microbiome and helps the land regenerate. Healthy soils yield healthier crops by providing better water and nutrient holding capacity. In addition to immediate benefits for the plants, this reduced nutrient loss has a lower impact on groundwater and contributes to cleaner lakes and streams for future generations.

Easy to Use, Easy to Store

Our products are formed into clean, dry, hard granules that can be easily stored and handled in traditional agricultural equipment and warehouses.

Proven Results for Crops, People, and the Planet

Since 2016, SymTRX has been used on over one million acres of crop land. It has been tested by university researchers and private research firms who have conducted over 250 replicated trials.

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SymTRX Fertilizer Technology Improves Soil Health Sustainability and Profitability

Bio-Based, Slow-Release Fertilizer Technology Steps Up Sustainability and Profitability

Maximize Yields Through Weather Extremes


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